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WAVE RIDER is dazzling game where you race against time inspired by classic arcade games.

Trapped in a simulation

Reach blazing-fast velocities and discover the colorful, surreal sights this universe enveloped in neon lights has to offer, in a driving simulation that has been hijacked by a mysterious hacker group.

Explore a world of speed

  • Explore the core of the universe, the Blank Slate
  • Visit a city that can't sleep, 8X
  • Dance to the music of a Disco Highway in Saturna
  • Unlock the secret of the unassuming Hydroway 


Master the physics bending machines you'll encounter, switch between different wave forms to unlock your rider's power and overcome the various challenges featured in the environment

  • Boost, Control time, and Repair your ship on the go.
  • A challenging world with twists and turns for you to master.
  • Stick to the walls, find new shortcuts, and get the best time.
  • A unique story to enjoy at your own pace, or race through in Hardcore mode.

Control your machine with full controller support and rebindable keys!

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